28. Oktober 2020

Fault Injection Test

Validation method for safety mechanisms
27. Oktober 2020


Unified Modeling Language. For modeling requirements in the structural, functional and behavioral perspective
27. Oktober 2020

FMEA Review

…must be performed regularly to ensure FMEA quality
27. Oktober 2020


HAWENengineering supports the preparation and presentation of the methodology and results of risk analyses to all OEMs
25. Oktober 2020


…with AIAG harmonized standard. Used by HAWENengineering for elaborating the FMEAs. https://www.vda.de/de/presse/Pressemeldungen/20190531-AIAG-und-VDA-QMC-ver-ffentlichen-FMEA-Standard.html
25. Oktober 2020


Advanced Product Quality Planning: Procedure for product realization in five phases (milestones)
25. Oktober 2020


Quantitative supplement to FMEA at pin level to calculate required metrics for a required safety goal. The FMEDA – FMEA interface shall be traceable.
25. Oktober 2020

V Modell

Referenzmodell zur Beschreibung von Entwicklungsprozessen
23. Oktober 2020

Wangen im Allgäu